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Natural Hair Starter Kit/Curly Hair

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Simply Shea Soft Line. 

The star quality with this line is to make the hair soft and easily managed

This pack includes:

1. Simply SheaSoft Sulphate -free Hair Shampoo 

1. Simply Shea Soft Silicone-free Hair Conditioner (300g)

1.  SheaSoft Hair Serum (150g)

1. Simply Sheasoft Hair Butter (120g)

Direction of use: LOC Method

 Steps for a wash day for type 4 Natural Hair 

1. Shampoo(optional) and rinse hair 

2. (A)Apply conditioner generously in wet hair and detangle hair and rinse excess conditioner out and towel hair to remove excess water 

or (b)apply a small amount of conditioner in wet hair and detangle- no rinsing required 

3. Massage serum in hair making sure the both hair and scalp are properly oiled while detangling Hair preferably with your fingers 

4. Seal moisture in with the hair butter and detangle with fingers, followed by a wide tooth comb.

5. Twist with the hair butter or style as desired  

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