At Simply Go Natural Cosmetics, all ingredients have been carefully selected for their benefits to hair and skin and are paraben and sulphate free.
We believe in a chemical free home and we want to play a role in helping you reduce harmful chemicals in your hair and skin care products without compromising quality, beauty, style or fashion, making going natural fun, attractive and easy.
We also aim to help those suffering from severe dry skin, and conditions such as psoriasis and eczema get a healthy longer and deep moisturizing relief with our SkinzDeep skin care lines, specifically formulated for normal to extra dry skin, great for adults, gentle for children and people with sensitive skin.
Our hair serums, hair butters, body butters, and skin balms are 100% natural, organic, including the fragrances as we only use premium quality therapeutic grade essential oils. Our products are specifically designed as an alternative to mineral oil, petroleum, silicone, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and heavy chemical based products on the market as research has shown to cause damages to the hair and skin in the long run contributing to, or in some cases, inducing dry scalp and skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis. Most of our products are 100% vegan, and not tested on animals.
All our products are 100% produced in Canada, based in Halifax, NS.
Natural Hair Love-
While our hair care lines are for all hair types- curly, straight, wavy, or relaxed, and our products can be mixed and matched as preferred, we are a strong supporter of the natural hair movement and educates the natural hair community on how best to maintain healthy natural hair with natural products with natural ingredients. We do this by providing free natural hair consultations, tutorial and education on our social media pages and at various beauty expos. So if looking for products for natural hair, start with the Simply Shea Soft line.



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